Building meaningful relationships

As a family of companies dedicated to growth, IMC operates with a core set of values that empower our partners to build enduring, purpose-driven organizations. Embracing a student mindset and cultivating deep partnerships rooted in trust are the cornerstone of our approach.

Core Values

Benefits of the IMC ecosystem

People First

“Like us, IMC recognizes that people are the lifeblood and soul of any organization.  Actively investing and creating an environment where team members can thrive is paramount.”

Margaret Haynes  \\  CEO, Right at Home

We are united by the philosophy that people come first. At IMC, we strive to create an environment that encourages creativity, authenticity and support, so that our team and our companies thrive and endure.

100-year mentality

“Really thinking of strategies in terms of decades as opposed to weeks, months and quarters — that just allows you to think on a different horizon.”

Joey Pointer  \\  CEO, Fleet Feet

We encourage our leadership teams to embrace a longer-term mindset, committing resources to projects that have lasting value. Pairing a long-term vision for growth with a diligent assessment of current operations is a crucial advantage in a world focused on immediate returns.

Strategic growth

“They trust you to run the business. IMC wants and needs us to think like long-term owners.”

Dave Brown  \\  CEO, IDOC

When aligned with a long-term plan, we think strategic acquisitions can be a good complement to opportunities within the existing business. We work closely with our partner companies to evaluate strategic acquisitions that can strengthen their business.

Stable, committed ownership

“IMC believes in our business and in us as operators.  Like us, they see this journey as an open road of possibilities.”

Victor Albisu  \\  Chef / Founder, Taco Bamba

IMC Office

As a private company using only internal capital, we bring an unrelenting focus on long-term, sustainable growth. Our ideal ownership time horizon is forever, and we've owned one partner company for almost 50 years.

Network of operators

“IMC encourages all CEOs to share, benchmark and learn from each other. There are a lot of shared practices and shared learnings.”

David Moller  \\  CEO, Arcadia Beverage

While each business in our family is unique, most of their daily challenges are not. We welcome collaboration across our family of companies with annual summits focused on strategy, leadership, finance, HR and other important areas. These summits connect leaders from across the IMC system, enabling relationships to form across the IMC operating companies.

Industry experience

“IMC provides coaching, support and education. It’s not purely an economic relationship — it’s way deeper than that.”

Lance Trenary  \\  CEO, Golden Corral

After more than half a century of experience, we’ve learned a lot of lessons from owning and operating a range of businesses. When called on, our team and board members bring valuable insights gained from growing businesses in varied environments.

Our Partnerships

Finding new partners

We are always looking to start conversations with leaders who share these principles.

Our process always begins with people. We look for a strong fit with culture and principles as we plan to partner with the existing management team for years to come. We typically take significant time up front to get to know company leaders to ensure full alignment on a shared vision.

We look to partner with leaders who are dedicated to serving others and who desire to build a growing team connected by a common purpose. High-performing teams maintain a student mindset while constantly pursuing both personal and professional growth.

IMC focuses on industries that align with our core principles and build upon the expertise within our current companies and leadership network. We plan to reinvest multiple times in each of our industries - currently, restaurant and food & beverage, healthcare services, active outdoor lifestyle, and insurance - to deepen our sector knowledge. IMC is constantly evaluating new sectors and will pursue them if we see a path to owning multiple businesses in the field.

We seek to partner with growing businesses that provide worthwhile products and services that create value for the end customer. No business is too small today if they have replicable economics along with the ambition and plan to become a larger, enduring enterprise.

When IMC partners with companies, we have no intention of selling the business. We are the right fit for a company seeking a stable home where leaders can focus solely on building an enduring organization.

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